Windows XP, PXE Boot

Juni 14th, 2013

Windows XP is pretty old, but however, you may know those friends which are using quiet ooooold laptops, having a system crash but don’t want to purchase a new one. When those laptops don’t have a working CD-ROM drive anymore and you (me) don’t have an USB one and the box doesn’t not support booting from USB drive, then you have a problem – called PXE :)

The solution for this is a project called ris-linux. I don’t want to repeat the whole solution here, but point you to some resources about that:

Using this information I got it working for a Toshiba Satellite. The only problem was the network driver y51x86.sys. The one from the pxefiles package – mentioned in the third tutorial – didn’t worked. I’ve downloaded the recent version from Marvel Yukon, and that did the trick for me. (after x hours)

Currently installing …. :)


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