awk idioms

April 18th, 2015

Just stumpled upon a great resource on Stackoverflow that lists a couple of really nice awk idioms related to printing N lines after some matching line in a text.

Nice Answer!

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  1. fedorqui Says:

    The link is broken! It just links to, not to Ed Morton’s answer.

  2. thorsten Says:


    Nice to see you here and thanks for the hint!

    Wow! I cannot find the answer anymore! Looks like they have removed it! OMG!!

    Please tell me that just the link has changed!

  3. fedorqui Says:

    Nice to see you have a blog with interesting stuff! I miss the +1 button : )

    The link is working: being the question: („printing with sed or awk a line following a matching pattern“).

  4. fedorqui Says:

    I guess it is just the link that does not point to what the text is saying. It is

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