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During the development of my Linux From Scratch I were searching for a way to test the boot process using Virtual Box instead of rebooting my development computer again and again. I found some articles on how to achive this using Windows, but I use Linux on my computer. Finally I did it :) using VBoxManage internalcommands. As I found no articles on this, here comes a short howto:
Sometimes it is nessesary to copy a Linux binary with its lib dependencies to a folder or archive. For example when creating an chroot emvironment, create an initramfs or copy a binary from one machine to another with the same architecture and kernel interface (this is hacky, yes) Because I frequently needed to do this, I wrote a small shellscript for that purpose. Here comes the shellscript, explanation will follow ...
This example converts ISO-8859-1 to UTF
Trying to establish a PPTP VPN Connection via Gnome NetworkManager (Ubuntu 9.10) I encountered some problems. While the connection not establish I got the following lines in my syslog.
Using /dev/random to create randomness in shell scripts